SaaStock 2019 - The Global SaaS Meetup Is Over.

SaaStock Dublin 2019

This was #SaaStock19.

This week, the global SaaS community gathered in Dublin, Ireland to discuss the latest and newest trends in SaaS. As a second-time visitor to SaaStock Dublin, it was a great, inspiring, and still not an eye-opening week (but that's fine).

So, let me recap SaaStock19.

(PS: I also wrote this article on all the small things I learned at SaaStock Dublin 2019. You can check it out here.)

What is SaaStock Dublin?

SaaStock Dublin is one of the largest SaaS events in the world. Originally started out of Dublin, there are multiple SaaStock events around the world nowadays.

Still, SaaStock Dublin remains as the main leading event with thousands of participants and hundreds of speakers and investors.

Why I go to SaaStock?

One of the first questions I get (and I also ask myself) is:

Why should I go to SaaStock Dublin?

Well. There are various reasons in general.

While my reasons might differ from yours, I can only give you insights based on my personal view.

So let's start with some background information.

I work as a marketer in SaaS since 2014. Since then, I've fallen in love with SaaS.

SaaStock itself came on my radar back in 2016 when it hosted the first event in Dublin. I didn't go the first one but followed it closely on Twitter.

2017 was the time to visit SaaStock for the first time with a small SaaS delegation from Austria.

Although I missed the 2018 version of SaaStock, it was clear to me to be at this year's event again.

While I try to minimize the number of conferences I visit throughout the year, SaaStock Dublin is one of the few conferences that make it on my personal conference shortlist, due to various reasons:

  • SaaS capital for a week: For one week, global and local SaaS people meet up in Dublin to get inspired and meet fellow SaaS people.
  • People: The SaaS community in Dublin is just so down-to-earth.
  • All the small things I learned (see the full list in my article here)
  • The workshop day: Monday is SaaS.City workshop day with a deep dive into a specific topic.
  • The side events: All the side events organized throughout the week.
  • The no-bs talks: The great percentage of no-BS talks and sessions. There's just so much honesty in most talks.

Impressions from and around SaaStock

One thing that distinguishes great events from good ones, are the people you travel with. As always, the Austrian SaaS community is so much fun to travel with.

Morning runs were a great start to SaaStock days.

Congrats, you've made it all the way to the bottom. If you want more SaaStock content, you should also check out my article on all the small things I learned at SaaStock 2019 here.