Inbound marketing
that works.

Today, most people and businesses research online at every stage of the buying process. From getting the first impression to picking favorite products, they’re doing it without you in the room.

Inbound marketing helps you to speak to more people than sales ever will. And that's where I come in. I help you define your go-to-market strategy, generate demand and leads by setting up a sustainable inbound marketing funnel.

On this page, you can find some information on what I do, with whom I currently work, plus some previous companies I worked with. If you are interested in a chat, feel free to book a call or send me an email at [email protected].


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My area of expertise

I work with companies of different sizes, industries and needs. They all strive for the same goal: To be more successful with their digital offerings and products. And I help them to get there. Any maybe you, too?

Growth Marketing

I help you grow your business. There's no magic, just hard work, a strategy & an plan to execute on.

Digital Marketing

Need some help with your website, newsletter, shop, social media or mobile strategy? I'm here to help you set up the right actions and channels.

B2B Marketing

Are you selling to companies? Great. With 8+ years of experience in B2B marketing, I'm sure I can bring in some expertise for you.

Product Marketing

You sell software or hardware and don't know how to communicate the value of your products? Well, let's talk.

I had the privilege to work with many market leaders and experts in tech, B2B and Software-as-a-Service.

Companies I work with:

Usersnap: Head of Growth

Industry: B2B SaaS - User Feedback & CX

As first marketing hire at Usersnap, my work included various strategic and operative activities in the area of marketing, product and customer success, helping grow revenue by 10x and team size by 4x.

Dynatrace: Digital marketing

Industry: B2B SaaS - Software Intelligence

As a digital marketing expert, I helped relaunch the website With a strong focus on content marketing, user journeys and SEO, we are able to outrank competition and achieve conversion goals on our web properties.

Storyclash: CMO as a Service

Industry: B2B SaaS - Marketing Tech

As the CMO, I’m responsible for the entire inbound marketing funnel, from strategy to planning, from awareness to lead generation.

TeamEcho: Inbound Marketing Consultant

Industry: B2B SaaS - HR Tech

I helped the company set up their inbound marketing strategy with a focus on lead generation through content marketing and SEO.

VisionX: CMO as a Service

Industry: B2B SaaS - Software Development

As the full-service marketing partner, I’m responsible for the whole inbound funnel, from strategy to planning to execution to reporting.

LingoHub: CMO as a Service

Industry: B2B SaaS - Software Localization

As the marketing partner for LingoHub, I'm responsible for the entire inbound marketing AARR funnel. Topics include: Content marketing, Paid acquisition, user activation & onboarding.

widdix: Inbound Marketing Strategy

Industry: B2B SaaS - Devops

"We enjoy working together with Thomas, who created a marketing strategy for our SaaS product as well as our books. Thomas works very analytically and has a lot of experience with inbound marketing. We are able to implement his optimisation proposals successfully."

Andreas and Michael Wittig
Founders, Authors and Creators at widdix and marbot

tubics: Growth marketing workshop

Industry: B2B SaaS - Marketing Tech

"Thomas helped us to solve a fundamental problem: What to do first. And how to prioritise the things that are next!"

Matthias Funk
Co-Founder, Managing Director @ tubics

Hackabu: Growth hacking expert

Industry: Growth agency

As a external growth marketing expert, I've worked with Hackabu on making customers & clients more successful in terms of their set marketing KPIs.