I'm Thomas 👋

As VP of Marketing at Storyblok, I lead a growing team of soon 40+ talents, influencing business growth through positioning Storyblok as the primary CMS for the 21st century.

Storyblok to date empowers content teams and developers in 130+ countries. Learn more at storyblok.com why leading brands such as adidas, Oatly, Harvard Business School or T-Mobile trust us as their CMS.

My work got featured in media like inc.com, cio.com, t3n.de and many more.

I'm a SaaS marketer, tech enthusiast, hobby runner, semi-pro photographer, and coffee lover. I work in SaaS since 2014, and currently, I'm VP Marketing at Storyblok, the first Headless CMS for developers AND marketers.

Here's some background information.

As Head of Growth at Usersnap, I lead the marketing & growth efforts. As first marketing hire at Usersnap, my work included various strategic and operative activities in the area of marketing, product and customer success, helping grow revenue by 10x and team size by 4x.

Until April 2019, I worked as a Digital Marketing Manager at Dynatrace, a growth-driven B2B SaaS company that is the leader in software intelligence & application performance monitoring (IPO in 2019).

I also write a newsletter called Tom's newsletter where I share thoughts about working in B2B SaaS marketing. You can subscribe here.

Let's talk

My area of expertise

I work with companies of different sizes, industries and needs. They all strive for the same goal: To be more successful with their digital offerings and products. And I help them to get there. Any maybe you, too?

Growth Marketing

I help you grow your business. There's no magic, just hard work, a strategy & an plan to execute on.

Digital Marketing

Need some help with your website, newsletter, shop, social media or mobile strategy? I'm here to help you set up the right actions and channels.

B2B Marketing

Are you selling to companies? Great. With 8+ years of experience in B2B marketing, I'm sure I can bring in some expertise for you.

Product Marketing

You sell software or hardware and don't know how to communicate the value of your products? Well, let's talk.

Trusted by B2B SaaS Companies

A selection of B2B SaaS companies I worked or partnered up with in the past.

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